Breka Blakeslee.Your History in Photocopies

Breka Blakeslee.Your History in Photocopies

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Print out the 21 pages of your history in photocopies. Perhaps you should print them two per page and cut them in half.

Put them in a file folder. Don’t worry about the order.

In fact, shuffle them maybe. Or toss them on your desk in a pile, or in a corner of your room, and in a couple of days pick them up and put them in a file folder.

Shove the file folder with the 21 sheets of paper into a drawer or a bag or a shelf or wherever you keep your old financial records etc.

Forget about the file folder for a few hours, days, or years.

Have a glass of wine or scotch or whatever you feel like.

Turn on your favorite band from when you were emo. Or goth. Or punk. Or whatever it was you were.

Page through the photocopies and read your history in the order it comes to you.

Close the file folder.

Do whatever it is you need to do.



Breka Blakeslee is a Seattle-based queer writer who keeps writing autobiographically despite attempts to the contrary. A co-founder of Letter [r] Press, a collectively run micropress that publishes chapbooks and the journal Small Po[r]tions, Breka holds an MFA from the University of Washington Bothell in Creative Writing & Poetics.