A needle’s as good as an axe to a carafe. If we forget about posterity, what comes next?
— Amaranth Borsuk, "Towards an Auto-Destructive Poetics"

AUTO DESTRUCT is a micropress that publishes ephemeral texts, chapbooks, artists' books, digital books, audiovisual work, text, image, anti-books, broadsides, PDFs, blank pages. 

AUTO DESTRUCT wants to interrogate the technology and form of the book as a printed archive of material.

AUTO DESTRUCT is a series of mutable texts, multivectored or living alone, in conceptual apartments.

AUTO DESTRUCT is interested in opening up the contradictory possibilities of an expanded book: a dematerialized "object" instantiated through a website, a physical object that can be passively absorbed or actively destroyed, an ephemeral object that is aware of its own disintegration.

AUTO DESTRUCT may auto-destruct and disappear at any moment.

AUTO DESTRUCT publications are available for free.

Funding is provided by the SUNY Buffalo Department of English, the Poetics Program, the James H. McNulty Chair (Myung Mi Kim), and the David Gray Chair (Steve McCaffery).

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